Contraception and the HHS mandate! (nothing like an exclamation point to cheer up a boring title)

Think you understand why the HHS mandate covers contraception? I don’t. But this link did clarify a bunch of things I had wrong.

The big points:

1) All the sources used to justify free contraception were funded by a major contraception manufacturer.

2) A more recent (but neutral) study disproves those sources. 
It shows that
__a) Unintended pregnancies are rarely unwanted
__b) Only 2% of young, poor, sexually active women say the cost of contraception stops them from using it.
__c) Many more women than the original sources thought get pregnant because they WANT to get pregnant.
__d) Pregnancy doesn’t make a poor woman any less likely to escape poverty. 

If you’re skeptical, I’m with you. But don’t be a dumb skeptic. Don’t just think “it seems wrong, so I’m going to assume it’s wrong.” That’s ignorant and presumptuous thinking. Read the article AND look at the study it cites. And think about it: why would two economics professors stake their reputations on refuting something that almost every academic believes?


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