Liturgy and the Unknown Soldier

This post moved me. I don’t know why. The blogger herself repulsed me. I think she’s crazy. If someone had given me a stack of pictures with hers thrown in, and asked me to pick out the axe murderer, I would pick her. And I’m no patriot. Our founding fathers were bad philosophers. The Revolutionary War was practically unjustifiable. Our country now actively supports abortion, contraception, divorce, gay marriage, euthanasia, the death penalty, sweatshops, and many other serious evils.  And though I don’t consider “Traditionalist” a compliment, her post still moved me. I think Traditionalists may have a point. Perhaps the Holy Spirit was guiding liturgists for the first nineteen hundred years of the Church. And more importantly, perhaps the details of the liturgy matter. Perhaps solemnity and seriousness, despite seeming alien today, really are true, good, and beautiful.

I’m simplifying my thoughts right now, so they might sound fake. But they’re genuine.


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